Fall 2023

Fall 2023

CCSD is pleased to share that we are witnessing promising signs of recovery, marked by incremental improvements in student achievement—which can be attributed to smart investments made with ARP ESSER III funding and is a testament to the dedicated efforts of our students, educators, and support professionals. This progress signifies the beginning of positive outcomes resulting from the hard work of the District to accelerate pandemic recovery.


Student success remains CCSD’s top focus as we recover from the pandemic. The District has invested significant ARP ESSER III funding to support overall student success in the short- and long-term.


Specifically, CCSD has continued to invest ARP ESSER III funding in two ways to support student success, including in academics and mental health and wellness:

      1. Align immediate interventions to student data trends.
      2. Invest in longer-term strategies that increase equity and access to materials, supports, and resources.


While some positive progress has been made, much more work needs to be done to support the success of our students.


In October 2024, CCSD released an update to the community, fulfilling our promise of transparency and accountability for these funds. We invite you to review our investments to date and how we’re utilizing the final year of ARP ESSER III funding to support students, teachers, and connect with the community:


Use of Funds Report 2023


CCSD is proud that, at the time of this report’s release, we have spent 83.8% of ARP ESSER III funding. We will continue to implement projects with fidelity and look forward to increased progress on the final report in Fall 2024.