Investment of ESSER III Funds in the Clark County School District

CCSD received $777 million in recovery funding through the The American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Act (ARP ESSER III). With this funding, CCSD is investing in its students, teachers, and schools, enabling implementation of long-needed infrastructure, student supports, and teacher resources that are supporting pandemic recovery and investing in the future of the District.


CCSD is successfully implementing recovery and relief funds. We are regularly monitoring spending, implementation, and interim progress measures to ensure that we are on track to meet our goals.


In addition, we are committed to maintaining transparency and accountability by regularly sharing updates on the usage of these funds with our community. To date, CCSD has released two comprehensive Use of Funds Reports:


Use of Funds Report 2022
Use of Funds Report 2023


CCSD will continue to provide a comprehensive annual update via the Use of Funds Report and quarterly information on our progress through the ARP ESSER III Dashboard, found on the homepage of this website.


Fall 2023

CCSD is pleased to share that we are witnessing promising signs of recovery, marked by incremental improvements in student achievement—which can be attributed to smart investments made with ARP ESSER III funding and is a testament to the dedicated efforts of our students, educators, and support professionals. This progress signifies the beginning of positive outcomes resulting from the hard work of the District to accelerate pandemic recovery.


Student success remains CCSD’s top focus as we recover from the pandemic. The District has invested significant ARP ESSER III funding to support overall student success in the short- and long-term.


Specifically, CCSD has continued to invest ARP ESSER III funding in two ways to support student success, including in academics and mental health and wellness:

      1. Align immediate interventions to student data trends.
      2. Invest in longer-term strategies that increase equity and access to materials, supports, and resources.


While some positive progress has been made, much more work needs to be done to support the success of our students.


In October 2024, CCSD released an update to the community, fulfilling our promise of transparency and accountability for these funds. We invite you to review our investments to date and how we’re utilizing the final year of ARP ESSER III funding to support students, teachers, and connect with the community:


Use of Funds Report 2023


CCSD is proud that, at the time of this report’s release, we have spent 83.8% of ARP ESSER III funding. We will continue to implement projects with fidelity and look forward to increased progress on the final report in Fall 2024.



Spring 2023

The CCSD Use of Funds Plan was approved by the Nevada Department of Education on March 18, 2022 and CCSD subsequently began implementation. The District submitted a revised ESSER III use of funds plan that was approved on September 1, 2022.


CCSD is implementing a range of projects with the ARP ESSER III funding meant to accelerate recovery efforts. So far, the district is proud to share:


CCSD ESSER III investments are already impacting schools, students, and families.

  • Every CCSD Elementary School was allocated an ESSER III budget to provide academic, social-emotional, and behavioral support to address the individual needs of students.
  • Every student in the District has access to a laptop or tablet and a variety of online curriculum and instructional resources, Internet access support, summer learning opportunities and newly adopted Science and social-emotional learning curriculum.
  • Every student in the District has access to a wide variety of community wraparound supports, as well as one-on-one access to mental health services and tutoring.


The Clark County School District is heavily investing in educators to further pandemic recovery.

  • As a result of nearly $70 Million invested to recruit and retain top teachers to Clark County, the number of classroom vacancies has drastically reduced.
  • Teachers have access to research-based professional learning in literacy and science instruction and can earn a master’s degree in English Language Learning at no cost to them.


The Clark County School District is fulfilling its promise of transparency and accountability.

  • The District’s spending plan was informed by over 13,000 stakeholders.
  • Regular spending and implementation updates are provided to the public and the Board of School Trustees and are posted at future.ccsd.net. 


The Clark County School District is on track to make impactful investments on time.

Spending progress is ahead of the targeted spending trajectory over time.

  • All projects are being funded in alignment with federal requirements and in service of pandemic recovery.

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On October 27, 2022, the Clark County Board of School Trustees reviewed the first annual use of funds report that provides an update on how the $777 million in pandemic recovery funding is being spent. We invite you to view the ARP ESSER III Annual  Use of Funds Report at the links below:

ARP ESSER III Annual  Use of Funds Report – English (PDF)

ARP ESSER III Annual  Use of Funds Report – Spanish (PDF)

ARP ESSER III Annual  Use of Funds Report – Tagalog (PDF)

Fall 2022

On May 17 and May 23, 2022, the Clark County Board of School Trustees hosted a community update to share progress related to the $777 million in federal funding CCSD received to support pandemic recovery through the American Rescue Plan (ARP ESSER III).


You may view a recording of the May 17 session hosted by Board of School Trustee Vice President Garcia Morales and Trustee Williams here:




CCSD presented an update on ESSER III spending to the full Board of School Trustees on April 28, 2022. View that update below:

Summer-Fall 2021

In summer 2021, CCSD launched Phase 1 of this work to partner with the community on a plan for pandemic recovery.


Partner organizations from across the community collected input from their members and the people they serve in a series of community input conversations. We are grateful to the 80+ community organizations, and approximately 13,000 individual stakeholders, who rallied together to reimagine school for our children.


With a goal of convening a representative cross-section of our diverse community, three community members from each CCSD Region were selected to serve on a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) to help synthesize the input received. The CAC met to review the community input and developed a synthesis report that captures the topics and themes they observed.


Read the CAC’s final report in English (PDF) and Spanish (PDF). Meet the members of the CAC here.


We are pleased to share the results of this process in CCSD’s Use of Funds Plan.

Use of Funds Plan English (PDF) or Spanish (PDF)


Additional supporting documents regarding the Focus on the Future for Kids: Community Input Process are included below:

09.09.21 Board of School Trustees Presentation  (PDF)

Draft Focus on the Future for Kids Community Themes and CCSD’s Community-informed Spending Priorities (English) (PDF)

Draft Focus on the Future for Kids Community Themes and CCSD’s Community-informed Spending Priorities (Spanish)  (PDF)

Community Advisory Committee Community Input Review Process (PDF)

Community Advisory Committee Application Letter (PDF)

Community Advisory Committee Final Synthesis Report (English) (PDF)

Community Advisory Committee Final Synthesis Report (Spanish) (PDF)

Focus on the Future for Kids Updates to Engaged Community Groups  (PDF)

All Community Input Reports (PDF)