Frequently Asked Questions

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We have provided answers to several common questions below. Members of the community may submit questions to  engageCCSD@nv.ccsd.net to be answered on this page.


How much money has been allocated from ESSER III?

CCSD has been allocated just over $777 million. 


How is CCSD spending the $777 million in American Rescue Plan funds?

CCSD is re-engaging the community to share progress. Please view the ARP ESSER III Annual Use of Funds Report HERE for the latest information on spending and implementation of funded projects.


How will CCSD address learning loss?

CCSD partnered with the community in summer 2021 to develop spending priorities that address impacts of the pandemic. Investments are being made with an intentional focus on addressing disrupted learning, with approximately 76% of ESSER III funding directly supporting student success. These investments will provide for additional learning time for students, instructional materials and curriculum in core content areas, opportunities for individual elementary schools to address specific needs within their own school communities, and a myriad of wraparound, social-emotional, and mental health supports.


How were the ESSER I and ESSER II monies spent?

ESSER I funds from the CARES Act were used to purchase a variety of immediate emergency response items that enabled the District to pivot to a full-time distance education model. Investments of ESSER I funds supported CCSD while operating under an Emergency Distance Education Plan, working in a state of triage to make decisions about student and staff safety and trying to connect with all of our students.


ESSER II funds from the CRRSA Act provided resources to continue the District’s response to the pandemic and the return to hybrid and then full-time face-to-face instruction. These funds helped stabilize CCSD at a time when we were funding a fully digital environment for our students and teachers.


Are the funds being subgranted? 

No, ESSER III funds may not be subgranted. CCSD is contracting with with community organizations and other providers that will provide learning acceleration and wraparound support to address the impacts that COVID-19 has had on students. 


Why more professional development? 

CCSD is investing in sustainable professional learning, not program-specific content. Professional learning opportunities are provided to improve literacy instruction by providing educators with in-depth knowledge and tools that they can use with any reading program, to support implementation of adopted core curriculum, and to support career advancement pathways for support professionals and educators.


How do I know CCSD is using this money correctly?

CCSD is committed to investing ARP ESSER III funds to support students who are in need of the greatest support while planning for a brighter future. CCSD further commits to stewarding ARP ESSER III funds with transparency by providing regular reports and updates about current expenditures, any planned grant amendments, and student achievement data. Please view the ARP ESSER III Annual Use of Funds Report HERE for the latest information on spending and implementation of funded projects.


How is the District partnering with community organizations in its ESSER III spending priorities?

$52 million has been budgeted to purchase services from community groups to provide learning acceleration and wraparounds supports.


Why isn’t the District using these monies to pay staff?

A strong teacher and building leader are essential for learning recovery to take place. One of the challenges in wisely investing federal relief dollars is investing one-time funds in a way that provides long-term results. ESSER III funds must be obligated by September 30, 2023, and CCSD is being thoughtful about making investments with these funds that can be sustained. While the ESSER III allocation does not provide for permanent salary changes, CCSD has set aside nearly $100 Million of ESSER III funds in support of District staff bonuses and incentives.


Why has the initial ESSER III plan approved in September 2021 changed?

ESSER III spending plans will change as CCSD continues to receive and analyze student, employee, and community data, plan and implement projects, and respond to changing conditions. The most significant changes from the initial September plan are a result of refined project planning and budgeting, where CCSD found many project budgets needed to be increased beyond the resources available in the ESSER III allocation. After engaging in an exercise to prioritize the projects for maximum impact, several projects are being implemented through alternative funding sources. 


CCSD will continue to adjust spending plans as necessary, in consideration of changing conditions and information, as well as other funding opportunities.


What happens to the programs that were removed from the approved spending plan in September 2021?

Many of the programs that were removed from the initial ESSER III spending plan will be funded through sources outside of ESSER III. CCSD will update the community on those programs as they are finalized. 


When can we expect to hear another update on the ESSER III spending plan?

CCSD is proud to share the first annual use of funds report, reviewed by the Clark County Board of School Trustees on October 27, 2022. You can find the ARP ESSER III Annual Use of Funds Report HERE. CCSD will continue to share updates on spending and implementation on an annual basis.


What do you mean by “shared community vision”?

Each community member has a unique perspective on what our schools should look like. From the teacher in the classroom educating our students to the business owner hiring our graduates, we all have a role to play in our public schools. 


In summer 2021 we asked all members of our community: “What do you want to see in our schools?” and documented high-level themes from the community’s response. CCSD then used those inputs to create the Use of Funds plan that is guiding spending for pandemic recovery.