Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided answers to several common questions below. Members of the community may submit questions to  engageCCSD@nv.ccsd.net to be answered on this page.

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Q: What is CCSD doing to address the impact of COVID-19 on students?


A: CCSD is committed to utilizing the $777 million in federal funds provided through the American Rescue Plan over the next three years to address the impact of COVID-19 on our students. We have developed a comprehensive roadmap, in partnership with the community, to guide the utilization of these funds and are regularly monitoring progress to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our students.
Q: How is CCSD ensuring transparency and accountability in the use of funds?


A: CCSD is committed to maintaining transparency and accountability in the use of funds. In Fall 2022, we issued the first Use of Funds Report that outlines how the federal funds are being used to support our students and community. Additionally, we are regularly providing updates on our progress and utilizing community input to inform our decisions and sharing that information on the dashboard located on the homepage of this website.


Q: Has CCSD received any recognition for this work?


A: Yes, CCSD was commended by the Nevada Department of Education for our Use of Funds Report. Our commitment to prioritizing student needs and community input in our recovery plan was recognized, and we are proud to have received this commendation.


Q: How is CCSD addressing the digital divide and access to technology for students?


A: CCSD has made significant investments in technology to support our students. We have provided laptops and internet hotspots to students who need them, and have expanded our Wi-Fi capabilities to ensure that students have access to reliable internet. We are also working to provide professional development to teachers to support the integration of technology into their instructional practices.


Q: What programs or initiatives has CCSD implemented to address learning loss?


A: CCSD has implemented a number of programs and initiatives to address learning loss, including targeted interventions for struggling students, expanded summer school programs, and additional resources for students with special needs. We are also investing in professional development for teachers to support their ability to address the academic and social-emotional needs of students and accelerate student learning in areas like reading and mathematics.